5 things we do differently while traveling

During my walk to the supermarket today, I realized that’s it has been more than a week since we left our homeport Nieuwpoort.  We are in Plymouth now and live a different life while traveling.

I made me wander off to the days my grandmother took care off me during summer holidays while my parents were at work.  Here are 5 similarities between now and then:

  1. We do our groceries on foot. Today it took me 12.000 steps and two walks (2 hours) to the supermarket to get everything we need for our crossing to Spain tomorrow.  During a normal workday it’s is very hard to reach those 10.000 steps.
  2. We wash our dishes and talk to each other while doing it.  At home we have a dishwasher. I  also have to go to the laundromat and iron my clothes myself.
  3. We use public transport to get to the city.  At home we have two cars and we use them too often.
  4. We eat 90% of our meals together.  I was wandering today how many times we eat together at home.  Probably not even 50%.
  5. We talk to strangers in the supermarket, harbor, laundromat and on the street.  My grandmother could talk for ages on every corner of the street while shopping for groceries.



It’s is rather time consuming but destressing to go back to my grandmothers time.

Tomorrow we plan to set sail to Spain, so time to go to bed.





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