Funny Boat names

A boat name is especially important while cruising, because it becomes your name. Your boat name is your radio call sign, your account name, your bar tab and your social name. Some people forget your surname but they remember your boat and boat name. I must confess that I am guilty of that very same thing.

Think twice when you pick a boat name. If you and your crew spend a lot of time talking on the radio, your boat name will become an annoyance or a joke to the rest of the cruising community.

We didn’t know what boat name to pick. We bought our boat second hand and came along with the name “Kasar”. Allthough some people believe that it will bring bad luck if you change the name of the boat, we took our chance. The same people believe that a boat name should be feminine. My husband agrees because it will cost us and it is unpredictable ;.).

We first came up with funny names e.g. Belgian beer bar not realizing that it would become our social name during the trip. Luckily we involved the kids in the project. Our youngest daughter Liv came up with Oceana and we liked the sound of it. Later we discovered that she had it from a Barbie movie.

Some remarkable, funny, problematic boat names we spotted along the way:

* The unsinkable 2

* Playstation 2

* Self medication

* Titanic for a very tiny boat

* Mr. Grey (funny because the owner didn’t meet the inspectations someone could have)

* Prozac

* Destressed was the first name that popped in my head because of my favorite film project “Destressed” (check Amazon: ) but then then I realized that on the radio there is not much difference between a boat in distress and Destressed.


*  Snap deciscion (funny because it was brand new and already for sale)

* Mrs Robinson

* Overboard

* Knotty Buoy

Actually some more funny but realistic names I could come up with are:

* Never Ending Story

* American Express, if you are a American you will prob use that card very often for repairs

* Poker game

* For “Sail”


I am eager to hear what kind of funny boat names you can think of or spotted during your journey.

Hasta la vista!

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