How to get back in your dingy from the water


My kids have no trouble pulling themselves up into the dingy. When I saw them jumping in and out, I had no idea it looks much easier than it is.

One day we went snorkelling and there was no other option then to attach the dingy on a mooring buoy. I had a great time while snorkelling but the real fun started when I had to climb to dinghy. I tried but didn’t succeed that time to climb the dingy without assistance.

This made me ponder if I really needed to under different circumstance that it could be a problem. So I started to look for safe ways to get back in to our inflatable. These pictures show the method I like best and requires almost no energy.



Step 1: Grap the grabrail or handles with the palm of your hands facing up

Step 2: Head under water, lift your legs up and start backwards roll.


Others methods I tried succesfully are:

– Jugling with docklines, hung over the side with a loop on the end but it isn’t exactly the most comfortable way back in.
– Kicking with swimming fins instead of bare feed. This will get you partially out of the water
– Climbing on the back of the digny. It took quite some effort. Easier was climbing up on the cavitation plate using the propeller as a step.  Don’t turn on the egine before doing this and ofcourse I think their are some kind of foldaway ladders on the market but I didn’t explore that option.

Conclusion is to think twice before you go snorkelling on your own with your digny. Try for fun if you and all your family members can do it on their own. It doesn’t need to look elegant as long if it does the trick.

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