I have a confession to make….

I have a confession to make. I don’t like “sailing”. This may seem odd for someone who sails around the world but I’ll explain further.

I like the ocean, sea, fish, Destressed moments (also the name of my fav project) , sunrise, sunsets, moonrises, nature moonsets, the feeling of being on the “road”, silence, freedom, approaching land, the fact that we can discover some parts of the world that are not easy to discover any other way, new countries and islands, this experience with my family, the salty life, camping on sea, snorkeling, to challenge comfort zone and problem solving, meeting like-minded people and the international atmosphere.


I don’t like all the technical aspects, rope pulling, trimming sails, constant maintenance and repairs especially when there is tension and cursing involved but I try not to loose that smile.

is a rather expensive way to travel very slowly around the world. Every sailor agrees that there are two happy times in a sailors life. The day you buy your boat and the day you sell it again. Some sailors end up buying and selling boats all their life because the best boat is always somebody elses or your next one.

Ours is for sale now. We agreed on it the day we bought it. Once we finish this trip we don’t need a big boat like this anymore. We will not have the time to sail it as much as now. If we don’t get a fair offer we might keep it and sail it back in two years. But I hope that offer comes because our boat is perfect for ocean sailing, and travelling. We maintained, updated, repaired it so well that I am still proud to invite people over to have a look at it. Ofcourse there  are bigger, nicer boats but I am happy with ours.

If I think I would have to sail the grey North Sea again on a cloudy misty day I rather pass. I can not imagen that I would join a sailing competition for fun. I think they throw me overboard anyway ;.).

You can still invite me to sail along the Meditterean seas, Pacific Seas, or other tropical Island territories on a motoryacht, cat or sailing vessel with automatic sails and winches ;.).  Even my husband says that the next boat should have a mast – stowed roller furling mainsail. I will pass for passages longer than 7 days. I’ve seen it, I’ve done it. Allthough we had a great Pacific passage from Galapagos to Marquisas I don’t feel the need to do that same thing again. I can see myself renting a boat to cruise around in Greece, Croatia, Bahamas, or similar. If you don’t have more time, why bother buying one.

So actually I do like sailing but only 70% of it and that is enough to still enjoy this trip very much. This is also a lesson I want my kids to learn. In life nothing is 100% fun, not in your job, relation, …  There is no such thing as everlasting instant happiness or doing only the things you enjoy doing. Sometimes we need to keep an eye on the goal and be persistant. But if you consider the pro’s and con’s you still need to get more energy from your job, relation, … then it will cost you. So yes my kids also have chores on board and do their schoolwork in not so easy circumstances next to all the fun and travel. I do hope this is an important lessons they will take away from this trip.

Hasta la vista!


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