The first part of the journey began on the 30th of july.  We left our homeport Nieuwpoort and headed towards Lissabon via UK and Spain.  This part of the journey is family only.  During summer holiday our kids will sail along for one month before the beginning of a (short) new school year.   We hope to arrive before the 29th of august in Lissabon.  We fly out on the 30th of August and leave our boat in Portugal.

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The second part of the journey begins on the 23rd of October.  Steve, Arne and Piet fly out to Portugal and sail our Oceana to Gran Canaria.  We girls stay home for a few weeks more.  Oceana participates with the ARC 2016 (see journey page) on November 20.  Arne and Piet fly home the beginning of November.  Steve leaves the mainland of Spain together with four other crew members.  They expect to arrive in Santa Lucia before December 15.  Dana and the girls fly to Martinique on 22nd of December.  

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The third part of the journey is the longest one.  The family reunites on the 23nd of December in Martinique.  From there they intent to sail one year to Sydney Australia.

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